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My good pals Jesse & Justin Moynihan made a new cartoon, Manly. I made some sounds for it. Check it out!


New sound: AQUAGLASS. Full release is coming Q4 2014.


I'm in Oregon at the Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments laboratory, directing a new video for the re-issue of the 1972 Music Easel. The video is slated for a Q4 2014 release.


I am shooting and editing a video for Rio de Janeiro based artist Vivian Caccuri at The São Paulo Museum of Modern Art. The piece will be exhibited at the 34° Panorama of Brazilian Art in 2014.


New video in production, Mountain Fire Personnel. Trailer score composed by Troy Herion (Music For The Radio IV).


Gasland Part II premiers on HBO, July 08 2013.
I had the pleasure of doing aerial camerawork and editorial assisting on this sequel to Gasland.


Conserving Calder's Circus: Documentary Film at The Whitney Museum. A short film that I edited for The Whitney, produced by El Tigre is now online and IRL at the museum. It features footage by Jean Painlevé and Carlos Vilardebó.


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