Selected Films

I’m a filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles, California, originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My movies combine research and embedded, surveillant camerawork with archival elements and sound design. I have screened at MoMA Doc Fortnight, Lincoln Center’s Art of The Real, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Visions du Réel and others. I have worked as a non-fiction cinematographer internationally, including the US, Brazil, China, the South Pacific, Europe and Central Africa, and have contributed to Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning documentaries which are distributed widely.

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I am currently developing two feature film projects: one is a docu-fiction about crypto mining (2016 – present), the other is a narrative about saffron (2023 - present).
Cataboum (with Gin Hart)
  • 2023
  • 2 min.
  • 4K video, 2.1 sound

The Registry
  • 2021
  • 32 min. and 149 min., looping
  • 4K video, 2.1 sound
  • Narrative short film/ installation
  • IMDb

“An evolution from his past works of formally innovative documentary film, The Registry is the artist’s first narrative work, an elliptical, layered psychological horror that brings together multiple storylines which intersect in complex ways. Embedded within these narrative threads are topics salient to the documentary/non-fiction field: the afterlives of images of war and their fictional representation; the potential tokenization of subjects, stories, and makers by the industry; and the ethical dilemmas arising from the commercialization of the stock footage market.”
– Herb Shellenberger  |  Curator, Sheffield DocFest (2021)

Commissioned by Sheffield Doc/Fest with support from Arts Council England
Online screening hosted by MEMORY with the essay Twinning: Production Notes [pdf]  
Original Score
composed by Ben Babbitt
Divieto 2 (Forbidden 2)

A volcano is where Earth delivers up its messages. Tectonic movements, harmless vapors, toxic acids, scalding minerals and the possibility of new geography. Divieto 2 (2018) follows a team of volcanologists to their data centers and sensors near the peak of Mount Etna, but pays equal attention to the miners and shopkeepers working on its slopes. The result is a document of the mountain's erratic economies. Basalt becomes infrastructure, architecture or souvenirs. Etna is thus a source of imagery, producing a cache which mirrors every eruption. Produced during the Due South residency in collaboration with National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).
3 Minutes in America
  • 2015
  • 5 min.
  • 2K video, 2.1 sound
  • Narrative short film
  • IMDb 

Commissioned for New Works: Ciné-Roman (films in response to Chris Marker's La Jetée), "3 Minutes in America" is an experimental narrative criss-crossing the continental US. The film presents a romance unfolding amid an array of contemporary phenomena; including vaccine production, basketball games, fracking, and insider trading. A collaboration with photographer Barb Choit.
Mountain Fire Personnel

Mountain Fire Personnel is an experimental documentary that explores a wild fire across 27,000 acres in Southern California. Using over 30 sources of amateur footage, internet media and professional camerawork, the film surveys the response by firefighters and California State Prisoners. Winner of the Prix du Jury la Mobilière at Visions du Réel (2015) and a participant of MoMA Doc Fortnight (2016).